Our team consist of home cooks who  have been in the kitchen since early teens. These cooks have learned how to enhance flavors that entice you to come back for more.

Our team never send out a dish that has not met the strictest critiques. If it's doesn't please them, then it will not be served.

You are in good hands!

Barbara Myers & Glenda Jamison​  - HEAD CHEFS


These cooks' "know-how" and experience make them culinary experts in home cooking! The hours they spend in food preparation is second to none of world-renown chefs worldwide.


You will never be disappointed! 

Barbara Miller - Mac & Cheese Connoisseur


There is macaroni and cheese and then there is MAC & CHEESE.  Ms. Barbara is the resident mac & cheese expert. Mouth watering and always satisfying.

Our Sous Chefs are second to none. They are the ones who come along beside and assist wherever they are needed. As the saying goes - "the proof is in the pudding." 

Come, taste and see!!!!